PRESS RELEASE: Global Black Gay Men Connect: Meet Our founding Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce our founding Board of Directors. The members represent the geographical diversity of our board from Africa to Europe, America, and the Caribbean.

In the last 24 months, we have been working internally to put structures in place for the organization and now we believe we are ready to announce the individuals who have been working behind the scene to get this organization off the ground.

The members represent ours believes that our core issues are at a make-or-break moment, and we need solutions bold enough to meet our greatest challenges and big enough to bring all of us to get it done.

As a collective, GBGMC fosters an activist-led movement with the goal of building local power to intervene in discrimination and violence inflicted on Black Gay communities wherever they live. We strive to facilitate intentionally involvement by engaging Black gay individuals across the world and funding their capacity to rapidly intervene on human rights violations, mental and physical health, police brutality, immigration, and general well-being.

The members below live and embody the issues we represent 

Vice President and Director of Public Policy

Adedotun Ogunbajo
PhD Candidate at Brown University

Co-Director BlackOutUK/

Maurice Tomlinson
Jamaican Lawyer, LGBTI & HIV, and AIDS Activist, Educator

Umulugele Richard Lusimbo
Sexual Minorities Uganda

Cedric Pulliam
Senior Public Health Advisor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kenyon Farrow
Senior Editor for @theBodydotcom

Micheal Ighodaro
Program Manager AVAC

Keletso Makofane

Ph.D. candidate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Mutisya Leonard

Director of Development at Health GAP

4 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Global Black Gay Men Connect: Meet Our founding Board of Directors”

  1. This is really great!
    I’m praying that you guys would focus a bit
    in Sierra Leone
    we as gay people here are going through a lot of challenges

  2. Risasi Milima Aka Gene

    I would like to know more about your group, your membership, your organizational chart and how one becomes a part. I am an organizer for the Movement for Black Lives, a national advocate on GLBTQI2-S issues and resources based in the southern United States.

    Min. Risasi Milima, aka G. Webster-English, Ed. D., LMHC
    Principle; Our Own Path; Organizer/ Endorser of Movement For Black Lives, and Exe. Director
    Federation of Families, HMH,Inc, Tampa, FL 

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